New Stud Dog:
Ch. Leger Kings Gambit by Ramblix JW is in our home, in Spain!!!!!

New imports:
Hic Sunt Leones Del Machesato and Tornadostorm Wyatt Earp!!!

Itcheboren - Top Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeders in Spain Monografica 2009!!!!
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Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Afijo reconocido F.C.I.
N: 007395
Vanesa Tuero & Hermanos Monestina
Villavicosa - Asturias
Telefonos: 985890839, 666541383
Our Love for this Breed started on 1992 when our first bitch, Chris (Moines), came to our home; Thanks to her we discovered a lifetime passion and dedication. Our involvement with Staffordshire Bull Terriers has grown over the years leading us to breed and select this amazing breed. We understand the history and the importance of the breed in UK, in the world and in every home that receives one of our puppies so we take this task very seriously and with responsibility by carefully choosing our litters based on the essence of what a real staffy was, is and always will be: Health, Type, Character, and a Bull Terrier perfect balance. Combining key dogs imported from the best lines with our own blood lines, we want to follow the steps of the experienced UK Breeders but at the same time add our personal touch with the final goal of the continuous improvement of this Breed that we love so much. We hope you enjoy our big Family through this web site.

Itcheboren SBT and Friends